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Rapid Driving School also specialises in Night Driving - Pre & Post PDA assessment.


It is important that our students carry the knowledge of all driving aspects, not just during day light hours like most other driving schools prefer.


Before we hit the road we look at and identify all the safety aspects of the vehicle to make sure it is suitable for night conditions before taking to the roads.  Conditions are very different at night and therefore bringing close attention to our defensive skills and creating suitable scenarios which will enhance our students driving at night in safe conditions.


Pre PDA night hours begin later on in our student program.  Our program allows the student to become a confident driver at night while under constant control in our duel control vehicles before completing their PDA assessment.


Post PDA students will take on a roll of a night courier (in a point to point scenario) and will be subjected to city, urban, remote and high speed areas while building their skills after their PDA test has been completed.  Please be aware that these sessions may take up to 90 minutes but will still only be charged at the night hourly rate.

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